PhishLabs Merges with BrandProtect

PhishLabs, a leading provider of phishing threat intelligence and security awareness and anti-phishing training has announced it has merged with BrandProtect, a leading provider of threat mitigation solutions for enterprises.

The merger will see the combined company become the leading provider of threat intelligence and threat mitigation services. The merger will see the combined company provide a much more extensive service to customers.

PhishLabs’ customers already have access to an extensive library of security awareness training content to help them improve their defenses against phishing attacks targeting their employees. The company also provides real-time threat monitoring services and global threat intelligence to its customers, keeping them up to speed on current and emerging cyber threats.

BrandProtect offers its customers a suite of cyber risk detection, intelligence, and mitigation solutions to prevent attacks on their brand, infringement of trademarks, social media risks, mobile app schemes, phishing attacks, and dark web threats.

The two companies share a similar vison and their services complement each other well. The combined company will operate out of PhishLab’s base in Charleston, SC, with offices maintained in Toronto, Canada.

“With our combined visibility and mitigation capabilities, we can detect and stop attacks across a comprehensive range of threat vectors. By partnering with us, security leaders can protect their employees, customers, and brands with the most complete Threat Intelligence and Mitigation solutions in the industry,” said PhishLabs CEO Tony Prince.

PhishLabs has also announced that the combined company has recently closed a round of funding that was led by Private equity firm LLR Partners. Alerion Ventures, a previous PhishLabs investor, also contributed in the latest funding round and boosted its investment.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of