ParkMyCloud Named 2018 Channel Influencer by Channel Partners

ParkMyCloud has received a Channel Influencer Award and was named one of the top 25 companies to watch in 2018.

The awards program was launched this year by Channel Partners and Channel Futures. Channel Partners is the leading provider of news, education and analysis to indirect sales channels serving the business technology and communications industry. Channel Futures helps the architects of the digital revolution manage their operations more efficiently and deliver higher-value business solutions to their customers.

The awards program was developed to recognize key companies and individuals that are having a major positive impact and are likely to shape the channel over the coming 12 months. The first awards program has seen the top 25 people, consultancies, and companies recognized.

The award winners are both newcomers and partners that have reinvented themselves and are bringing something new to market that offers business value through technology.

ParkMyCloud was selected for an award this year due to its innovative approach to reducing the billions of dollars that are wasted on idle cloud servers each year. Many businesses have transitioned to the cloud only to waste money paying for cloud capacity which is never used. To save its customers money, ParkMyCloud integrates cost control with the DevOps process, ensuring sufficient resources are available to meet business demands, but turning off those resources when they are not required. As a result, companies only pay for the cloud resources they are using.

ParkMyCloud reports that by using its on/off scheduling on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, companies are able to shave up to 65% off their cloud costs and divert those savings to cover other business expenses. ParkMyCloud has already signed up many major brands including Capital One, Avid, Unilever, Sage Software, and McDonalds.

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Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of