ParkMyCloud Cloud Cost Optimization Now Available for Alibaba Cloud

ParkMyCloud has announced that its continuous cloud cost optimization platform can now be used by Alibaba cloud customers to turn off idle cloud resources when they are not in use and save a small fortune on their cloud bills.

Alibaba Cloud is the largest public cloud provider in China and is attracting increasing numbers of customers in the United States and Europe. Alibaba is currently undergoing a massive international expansion and is actively seeking new customers outside of its home country. Alibaba Cloud has recently surpassed IBM and is now the fourth largest provider of cloud infrastructure behind Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

As with other cloud platforms, users of Alibaba Cloud can easily overspend and pay for cloud resources that are not fully utilized.  Many companies keep their cloud instances running 24/7/365, even though for a large percentage of that time those resources are idle. Cloud service providers charge for resources that have been provisioned by customers irrespective of whether those resources are being used. It is up to users of the public cloud to ensure they turn off resources when they are not needed. This is where ParkMyCloud helps. Its platform automates switching cloud resources on and off, ensuring companies do not pay for resources that are not being used. For most businesses, that means turning off resources outside of office hours – overnight, at weekends, and on public holidays.

ParkMyCloud initially developed its cloud parking service for AWS, followed by Azure, and Google Cloud. Now that the parking service is available for Alibaba Cloud customers, users of all of the top four cloud platforms can benefit from ParkMyCloud’s cost optimization and reduction service.

The solution has already been adopted by some of the best known global brands such as McDonalds, Unilever, and Sysco Foods, all of whom have been able to make huge savings on their cloud bills simply by eliminating wastage.

The savings that can be made are considerable. By scheduling resources, companies can make savings of up to 65% on their cloud bills. Typically, customers save around $12 for every dollar spent on the ParkMyCloud Service.

ParkMyCloud estimates that around $552 million is wasted on Alibaba Cloud resources each year, with businesses able to easily recover that cost by implementing the ParkMyCloud platform and optimizing and scheduling their cloud resources.

“Given their rapid growth – over 100% growth for the 4th quarter, with more than 300 products and features launched – Alibaba is clearly putting a focus on innovation and development in the cloud space,” said Jay Chapel, ParkMyCloud CEO. “We look forward to helping their customers optimize resource usage as Alibaba Cloud expands internationally.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of