Pager Replacement for Hospitals

Smartphones have brought with them new possibilities, but also new challenges in healthcare. Physicians, nurses, and administrators carry to many devices. Many Physicians can be seen with a smartphone, tablet, and more than one pager. The antiquated system has become cumbersome for staff members and IT departments. Additionally, the need for two-way secure communications and delivery/ready notifications has become important to increase patient safety and improve physician satisfaction.Hospitals can now leverage smartphones and tablets for sharing Personal Health Information (PHI) data as a Pager Replacement.

Physicians text private information about clients & patients so if they lose their phone, every message ever sent could be grabbed by somebody. TigerText send messages through an easy to download “App” and all messages sent are encrypted. Users set an expiration date on how long that encrypted message stays on their servers. In other words, it deletes them when you want. Once they’re gone you have the safety of knowing that there’s less data that can be leaked.