OpenTempo and TigerText Announce New Partnership

TigerConnect has announced it has formed a new partnership with OpenTempo, the leader in physician scheduling and clinical labor analytics.

OpenTempo has developed a healthcare staff scheduling solution that helps health systems and academic medical centers optimize physician scheduling and improve service line efficiency, which have been shown to improve staff satisfaction by providing greater transparency into their working assignments. The platform helps healthcare organizations realize the benefits of system automation, giving them true data analysis and improved insights, along with productivity tracking tools that allow them to align their clinical staffing approach with the evolving demand for patient care services.

TigerConnect is the leading clinical communications and collaboration (CC&C) platform provider in the United States. The company’s CC&C platform has been adopted by more than 5,000 healthcare clients and is used to send more than 10 million text messages a day. The improvements made to communication efficiency through use of the platform helps to eliminate waste and has been shown to improve staff and patient satisfaction and reduce the potential for medical errors.

The OpenTempo platform is used by physicians on a daily basis to manage their complex schedules and improve operational efficiency. By integrating the TigerConnect platform with OpenTempo, joint customers not only have access to physician schedules, they can also benefit from real-time role-based messaging.

Roles such as on-call cardiologist can be set up in the TigerConnect platform, which is then linked to the OpenTempo staff scheduling solution. When a clinician needs to consult with another member of staff, rather than having to check a whiteboard, spreadsheet, or printed schedule, a text conversation or voice/video call can be initiated that will automatically be routed to the right person.

“At TigerConnect we are on a mission to radically improve healthcare communications, but this is a mission we can’t achieve alone given the complexity of the problem,” said Brad Brooks, co-founder, and CEO, TigerConnect. “Partners like OpenTempo help us ensure communications always reach the right physician regardless of shift schedules. In an industry where every second counts, this integration can quite literally be life-changing.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of