Office 365 Email Archive Solutions

If your small business is in a regulated market and you use Microsoft Office 365 email archive solutions you have to be aware that this particular service doesn’t come with a few essential functions that are essential for securing the integrity of e-mail information.

Your company could be going dealing with a variety of issues as a result of this. Not all companies realize this and could be in breach of business regulations for protection and auditing by just using this product Microsoft’s service.

Compliance Issues with Microsoft 365 Premium

Although Microsoft’s service comes with a plug-in for backing up email info, it is not integrated in the application by default. Consequently, in case your business has not deployed and configured an Exchange-friendly VSS based backup, the disaster recovery plan will not be sufficient.

Audit signing contained Office 365 is not enabled by default, consequently administrators need to turn on this functionality. An extra problem is the time period that an audit history is kept. Presently, there is no audit log retention within the E1 program, the E3 strategy just retains the log information for ninety days, and it is carried out yearly with the E5 program. You have to be very careful to make sure you have everything configured according to the guide.

GDPR Compliance Problems

Since 2006, it has been a legal requirement, as per Federal Rules of Civil Disclosure, to produce Electronically Stored Information (ESI) when requested to do so. From 2018 GDPR conformity is available for those businesses dealing with the personal information of European Union residents.

The GDPR regulation is especially relevant to email archiving for Office 365 simply because businesses that will handle and retain EU citizens personal details must have mechanisms readily available to prevent the unauthorized changes of that information.

If you are using Office 356+ in order to attain compliance you have to find a third party formula to offer protected email archiving for Office 365. If you wish to reduce your costs and produce faster searches, you have to need to put in place a solution which deduplicates & compresses email during the archiving process while preferably creating summaries of archived communications for more effective email management.

Obviously a mechanism for distributing access should be provided, and automated reporting selections for governance of the answer; and preferably the selected option should help support other email solutions together with Office 365. Other Exchange and exchange servers services.