NH-ISAC Partnership with Anomali Boosts Threat Detection and Data Sharing

The National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) and Anomali have begun working together and will be providing threat intelligence to healthcare centers through NH-ISAC.

As part of this partnership Anomali will be helping NH-ISAC with the required tools and infrastructure to allow its clients to work together and share threat intelligence with other subscribers.

Anomali will be making up to date threat intelligence on new and current external threats specific to the healthcare industry available allowing NH-ISAC members to act in order to minimize risk. Anomali’s early warning system means that healthcare organizations can move quickly when suspicious activity is detected on a network.

Members of the NH-ISAC include hospitals, health insurers, medical research facilities, pharma groups, ambulatory providers, medical technology manufacturers and other healthcare sector stakeholders. NH-ISAC community subscribers help each other use physical and cyber threat intelligence to advise security decisions and mitigate hacking threats.

The new partnership between NH-ISAC and Anomali will allow the healthcare sector to identify and move to address to cyber threats. Anomali provides usable threat intelligence that can be consumed by healthcare bodies and used to compliment internal security threat monitoring programs.

The platform put together by Anomali automates collection, normalization, and integration of threat intelligence from a wide variety of different sources. The platform allows seamless collaboration with peers in other areas through Anomali Trusted Circles and gives healthcare entities complete visibility into attacks that threaten the confidentiality of protected health information and the security of the information technology networks on which the information is held. A threat detection by one member means that other healthcare organizations can work to block attacks before they even begin.

Author: Maria Perez