Visual Server Management Platform Launched by CloudRanger

CloudRanger, a provider of simple backup solutions for AWS, has announced the launch of a new visual server management platform that gives users control over their cloud environments and makes management a quick and easy process.

The new version of the platform gives users an overall view of their entire server system, showing when backups have been performed, how long those backups have been stored, and which servers are switched on. To help users save money, the platform allows servers to be scheduled so they are only turned on when they are needed, which is far more economical than renting servers 24/7.

“While cloud technology continues to make our lives easier and information more accessible, relying on the cloud can also leave you open to disaster, such as outages or cyberattacks. The only way to safeguard your data is with reliable backups and a disaster recovery plan,” explained Dan Creviston, CloudRanger Chief Product Officer.

By using tags and other event indicators, users can apply backup policies and automate the entire backup process, including setting retention times to cut costs on storage. Disaster recovery policies often call for multiple backups to be created and stored in different locations. The CloudRanger platform supports multi-region backups as a further safeguard against data loss.

When data needs to be restored, entire databases can be quickly restored or users can drill down to find individual files to recover. In the event of disaster, file deletion, or data corruption, data can be restored quickly and simply.

The platform was developed to be incredibly simple to use and accessible to everyone, not just DevOps. CloudRanger explains that even AWS does not offer such an easy to use graphical scheduling module.  “This version is not only more streamlined and user-friendly, but ultimately gives the user more control over their cloud,” said Creviston.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of