New Partner Program Launched by TitanHQ

The email archiving, spam filtering, and DNS filtering solution provider TitanHQ has launched a new partner program for managed service providers (MSPs), cloud distributors, Wi-Fi partners and OEM partners that makes it even easier to add TitanHQ’s cloud-based security solutions and improve protection against email and web-based attacks.

TitanHQ has been developing innovative cybersecurity solutions for two decades. The company started life in 1999 by offering anti-spam solutions to businesses in its native Ireland. Now, the company serves clients around the world and its solutions have been deployed by more than 7,500 businesses in 135 countries and its award-winning cybersecurity solutions are firm favorite with MSPs.

“Our new TitanShield partner program allows us to separate partners into their specific areas so that we can make sure they are receiving best practices, simple pricing models and focused information for the markets and customers they serve,” said TitanHQ Executive VP of Strategic Alliances, Rocco Donnino “Our program takes a unique and strategic approach for our partners and can be customized to fit all business models.”

The TitanShield program is now split into four elements: The MSP Program, the Wi-Fi program, the OEM Program and the Technology Alliance Program. The MSP Program provides MSPs with the tools they need to offer TitanHQ products to their customers and improve their bottom lines.

MSPs and MSSPs are provided with a full range of APIs which integrate TitanHQ solutions directly into their backend auto-provisioning, administration and billing systems. Through the APIs, it is possible to onboard new clients and manage accounts directly through an MSPs own interface. TitanHQ also offers MSPs volume-based pricing models with monthly billing and profitable margins. To better serve the needs of MSPs, TitanHQ products are also available in white-label form ready to take MSP branding and the solutions are available with multiple hosting options and can even be hosted within an MSP’s own environment.

In addition to providing access to TitanHQ products, the new TitanShield program provides partners with their own account manager, access to product engineers, and full product support through its customer support department. Partners also benefit from free access to sales, deal registration, and lead generation resources.

The Wi-Fi Program allows Wi-Fi providers to integrate WebTitan Cloud into their existing systems and manage the solutions through their existing management consoles. The OEM program offers all TitanHQ solutions as white labels, allowing companies to add any TitanHQ solution to their own product portfolio without having to develop their own solutions.

Through the Technology Alliance Program, TitanHQ partners with the leading security and productivity providers to help companies provide the scalability, flexibility, and security required by small to mid-size businesses.

The latest enhancements to its partner program will help TitanHQ to continue to build its partner network and protect even more businesses from email and web-based threats.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of