New CloudCheckr CMx Platform Released to Simplify Cloud Management for Large Organizations

CloudCheckr has launched a new platform specifically for large organizations with complex organizational structures to help them manage their cloud resources and get the best ROI.

The platform is ideally suited to large enterprises and managed service providers and ensures the highest level of cloud security and compliance, while helping organizations to achieve significant cost savings on their cloud resources. The platform provides total visibility into an organization’s entire cloud footprint and allows organizational management for teams, roles, and individuals.

The platform combines data from disparate sources and delivers actionable information to help organizations run and scale multicloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure and make immediate cost savings. The platform provides a unified view of cloud infrastructure and includes a new business insight delivery tool, Pivot Explorer, which allows users to run configurable reports easily to identify usage trends and identify areas for optimization to reduce cloud costs. The platform can be easily integrated into existing enterprise applications through the CloudCheckr API, and the platform can be used on any desktop or mobile device.

The platform is provided with three configuration options. The standard CMx offering, CMx High Security with an advanced security configuration to meet the needs of organizations in regulated industries, and CMx Federal, providing FedRAMP Ready cloud management.

“As we navigate a new era of unprecedented change, IT professionals are coming under tremendous pressure to deliver infrastructure at scale, while finding cost savings in every corner of the enterprise,” explained CloudCheckr CEO Tim McKinnon. “For a large enterprise, CloudCheckr CMx can typically deliver 30% savings on cloud infrastructure costs. MSPs on the platform can create 20% or more margin on cloud resale.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of