MSP Spam Filtering Services in Great Demand

MSP spam filtering services are proving popular with small- and medium-sized businesses, which are being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. With most cyberattacks occurring via email, MSPs are increasingly being asked to help their clients deal with the threats.

SMBs Look to Their MSPs to Protect Them from Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberthreats

The current shortage of cybersecurity professionals is making it hard for SMBs to recruit the in-house talent they need to effectively manage security and many SMBs are either unwilling or unable to bring in cybersecurity professionals to help them deal with the growing number of cyber threats.

Cyberattacks have continued to increase in 2022, with ransomware attacks being conducted even more frequently this year than the dire predictions made by cybersecurity firms in 2021. Phishing attacks continue to increase and are one of the most common ways that cyber threat actors gain access to business networks, and these attacks are getting harder for SMBs to detect and block, as threat actors conduct increasingly sophisticated attacks. As are business email compromise attacks, which continue to top the FBI’s list of losses to cybercrime.

Email is the common denominator in many of these attacks and is how threat actors usually gain access to the networks of their victims. While there are many steps that SMBs can take to improve their security posture, signing up for MSP spam filtering services to block more email threats is one of the most effective.

MSPs have traditionally focused on providing IT management and maintenance services to SMBs, but the demand from clients has led many to start offering managed security services, such as MSP spam filtering. It can be a challenge for MSPs to start offering managed security services, as doing so requires different skill sets. Just as SMBs are struggling with the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals, MSPs can struggle to recruit the talent they need.

Transitioning from an MSP to an MSSP can be a daunting prospect requiring considerable upfront investment, but MSPs are realizing that offering managed security services doesn’t necessarily require significant time and investment. It is possible to start providing security solutions to clients to better protect them by delivering cloud-based security solutions along with regular IT services and partnering with an MSSP to help clients with more complex security needs.

Majority of MSPs Now Offer Managed Security Services

A recent MSP survey conducted by Strategy Analytics on behalf of Datto confirmed that while there was once reluctance among MSPs to provide managed security services, that is no longer the case. 99% of surveyed MSPs said they offer at least some flavor of managed security services, with one-third of all respondents believing security solutions have given them significant business opportunities.

SMBs need help protecting their networks from the growing number of cyber threats and are finding it increasingly difficult to manage those threats in-house. Malware is providing to be a significant problem for businesses as traditional antivirus solutions fail to block many threats. According to the 2022 Mid-year threat report from Acronis, malware samples now only have an average lifespan of 2.3 days before they stop being used in the wild, with 81% of malware samples only detected once before they disappear. It is no surprise that advanced endpoint security, such as next-generation antivirus solutions, is the most commonly provided managed security service. 84% of surveyed MSPs said they are now offering these solutions to their clients.

MSP Spam Filtering Services in High Demand

MSP spam filtering services are almost as popular and are being offered by 82% of MSPs. The majority of cyber threats involve email as the initial access vector, and SMBs are struggling to deal with the threats. Providing MSP spam filtering services is a good way for MSPs to better protect their clients from a wide range of cyber threats while also generating recurring monthly revenue.

51% of MSPs said they have recruited new talent to help them provide MSP spam filtering and other managed security services, but the ease that these services can be provided through partnerships with software-as-a-service vendors has allowed 35% of MSPs to provide these additional services through the education of internal talent pools, with MSPs partnering with an MSSP (61%) or a managed detection and response (MDR) provider (44%) to handle more complex security requirements for clients.

The Ireland-based cybersecurity firm TitanHQ reports major growth in the MSP market with MSPs increasingly seeking its security solutions to better meet the needs of their clients, in particular its MSP spam filtering solutions – SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Plus – for securing their email environments. The company is a good example of how developing cloud-based cybersecurity solutions specifically to meet the needs of MSPs has paid dividends and allowed many MSPs to start providing managed security services to clients without having to transition into an MSSP or partner with an MSSP and lose significant potential revenue.

MSP spam filtering and other core managed security services are giving forward-thinking MSPs a significant competitive edge and are helping them to better meet the needs of their clients and win more business – Something that is increasingly important in an industry that is highly competitive and getting even more so.