Mimecast Email Security

Mimecast Email Security is a 100% cloud-based email security solution that can be used to secure and control on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid email systems. The solution provides protection against external threats such as phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware, and email impersonation attacks and has insider threat detection capabilities to block threats that come from within the organization.

Mimecast Email Security incorporates anti-spam mechanisms to block unsolicited bulk email and boasts a catch rate of over 99% and a false positive rate of just 0.0001%. Those figures are backed up with a service level agreement (SLA) that also guarantees the blocking of 100% of known malware threats. To eliminate privacy and compliance risks, the Mimecast Email Security Gateway does not retain a copy of emails, instead they are analyzed and pass straight through.

Mimecast Email Security Features

Mimecast uses a three-level approach to email security, blocking threats at the email perimeter, within the network and organization, and beyond the perimeter. Mimecast has developed a comprehensive suite of features to provide protection against the full range of malware and non-malware email threats.

Malware Protection

The Attachment Protect feature uses multiple signature-based detection engines to identify previously seen malware threats, which are automatically stripped from emails. Malware is constantly changing, so signature-based detection methods are augmented with in-depth analyses of suspicious attachments through sandboxing, static file analysis, and other security assessments. To save time, attachments are converted from PDF and Office files and safe versions of the files sent to end users. If the original files are required, they can be requested and are scanned for malware on demand.

URL Protection

Many email threats also include a web-based component, which is linked through embedded hyperlinks in emails. Mimecast’s URL Protect feature rewrites embedded hyperlinks in emails and scans URLs pre-click. AS an additional safeguard, the solution performs a time-of-click URL check to identify malicious links and block attempts by end users to visit malicious websites.

Email Impersonation Attack Protection

Impersonation attacks such as business Email Compromise (BEC) are commonplace. Mimecast offers protection against email impersonation using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication services and the solution incorporates anti-spoofing mechanisms to identify attacks that impersonate the domains of third-party suppliers and trusted business contacts. Domains are assessed to identify typosquatting, and domains are checked for non-western characters and Punycode.

Internal Threat Protection

Not all threats are external. To protect against attacks that come from within an organization, Mimecast developed Internal Email Protect. Controls can be applied to identify attempts to send sensitive data outside the organization and external security controls are applied to internal communications to prevent lateral movement in the event of an email account compromise.

Threat Intelligence

To help organizations identify and respond to threats faster, Mimecast Email Security incorporates third-party and proprietary threat intelligence feeds. Through the Mimecast Security Operations Center (MSOC), Mimecast gathers threat intelligence data and feeds actionable threat data into the Mimecast Email Security solution in an easy to digest format that is available through the Threat Intelligence Dashboard. Threat intelligence allows users to take proactive steps to identify new attack trends and quickly see which attacks are targeting the organization.