Mimecast Announces New Partnership with Insight

Mimecast has announced its North America division has partnered with the Intelligent Technology Solutions provider Insight. The new partnership means Insight can now provide Mimecast’s integrated cloud email security, archiving, and continuity solutions to its customers.

Mimecast was formed in 2003 in London by Peter Bauer and Neil Murry. Since 2008, its North American operation has been based in Watertown, Boston. The worldwide expansion has seen the company to provide email security solutions to more than 7,000 businesses. The company now has more than 1.8 million worldwide users.

Insight is a global, publicly-traded technology company that was formed in 1988. The firm offers Intelligent Technology Solutions™ to a wide range of companies, government organizations, and healthcare and educational institutions to help them operate more efficiently through optimized technology investments. While the company provides a wide range of IT services, it has recently expanded its IT security offerings, of which Mimecast is now part.

The Mimecast-Insight partnership allows Insight to offer Mimecast’s cutting-edge security products to its customers to help them block simple and advanced email threats and improve cyber resilience.

“Through this agreement, Mimecast will work closely with Insight to provide North American customers with next-generation cloud-based email security solutions that protect organizations from spear-phishing, ransomware, malware, data leaks, data loss and downtime,” said Ed Jennings, chief operating officer at Mimecast. Mimecast expects its new partnership will help it significantly expand its footprint in North America.

Insight’s IT solutions help businesses operate more efficiently and ensure business continuity, and cybersecurity plays a big part in that process. The firm’s customers are increasingly looking for innovative technology solutions to secure their networks and protect their data. Without constant access to data, their businesses cannot operate efficiently.

“Today, Insight’s clients are looking to implement solutions to protect data and preserve business continuity, so their workforce can be productive and their customers can have confidence,” said Bob Kane, senior vice president of product management at Insight. “With Mimecast’s cloud-based solutions, Insight can expand our client’s cyber protection strategies ­­– ­managing their IT needs today and providing meaningful outcomes that drive future transformation.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news