Microsoft Confirms Acquisition of Cloudyn

The first rumors that Microsoft was attempting to purchase the Israeli cloud cost management firm Cloudyn surfaced in April, although it has been relatively quiet on the Cloudyn front over the past few months as talks have continued over the deal. This week, Microsoft has confirmed that the deal is going through and a definitive agreement to purchase the firm has now been signed. It is not clear exactly how much Microsoft has had to spend to acquire Cloudyn, although Redmond reports that the deal is worth between $50 million and $70 million.

Cloudyn is one of several firms that offers businesses a platform that helps them analyze and optimize their cloud costs and cut back on unnecessary spending. One of Cloudyn’s customers, a Fortune 500 firm, has reportedly seen a 286% return on investment by implementing cost opportunities suggested by the Cloudyn platform.

“This acquisition fits squarely into our commitment to empower customers with the tools they need to govern their cloud adoption and realize the strategic benefits of a global, trusted, intelligent cloud,” said Jeremy Winter, director of program management, Azure security and operations management.

Microsoft’s main competitors in the cloud platform market are Amazon (AWS) and the Google (Google Cloud Platform), with AWS having the largest market share. Microsoft, through Cloudyn, can now offer its customers something extra: The ability to optimize their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, cut out wasted spending, and get a better ROI.

Microsoft will be hitting the ground running as Cloudyn has already signed up thousands of customers to use its cost saving platform, including several Fortune 500 companies, not just on Azure, but on other cloud platforms. This works well for Microsoft which is already pushing a multi-platform approach.

Cloudyn is the sixth Israeli company to be purchased by Microsoft in the past three years, the others being Aorato, Adalom, Ntrig, Equivio, and Secure Islands. Microsoft has also recently announced that it is acquiring Hexadite for $100 million. Earlier 2018 acquisitions include Deis and Intentional Software.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of