MediaPro Launches Adaptive Planning Tool and Industry-Specific Security Awareness Training Program

MediaPro has announced it has developed a new Adaptive Planning Tool that can be used in conjunction with its Adaptive Awareness Portal™ to develop custom security awareness programs that match the specific needs of each company.

Companies can use the tool to compile industry-specific training modules and develop training programs to match their risk profiles. While customers could do this before, the new tool makes the process much easier and faster. In addition to selecting individual training modules, organizations can choose from pre-configured sets of training modules based on their level of maturity, industry or on specific subject matter.

MediaPro’s Adaptive Security Library™ is aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and users can select a CSF-based Tier 1 (Basic) to Tier 4 (Adaptive) program. Customers can use the tool to choose dates and deliverables to meet their needs throughout the year. Deliverables include visual program roadmaps, summaries of the behavioral risks addressed by each activity, program summaries for auditors and stakeholders and a comprehensive list of activities.

MediaPro has also developed industry specific awareness program plans for the healthcare and retail industries. These program plans are suitable for organizations of all sizes and cover the specific risks associated with these industries. The pre-built plans help organizations in these industry sectors visualize, develop and deploy their security awareness programs and streamline their awareness and education needs. These pre-built plans save organizations considerable time. It is no longer necessary to build an awareness program from scratch.

Organizations can no longer provide security awareness training once a year. The threat landscape is constantly changing. Security awareness training must now be an ongoing process.

The pre-configured training plans can help in this regard, allowing training programs to be easily created and scheduled throughout the year. The Adaptive Planning Tool is also flexible. “This flexibility allows customers to decide which Tiered program is right for their organization right now, knowing full well they can make changes as their awareness needs mature,” said Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s chief strategist for privacy, security and compliance.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of