MediaPro Announces New Security and Privacy Awareness Training Program for Executives

While all company employees need to be trained to be more security aware, C-suite executives face unique risks and are a big target for cybercriminals. MediaPro is helping executives deal with cyberthreats with a new security and privacy awareness training program, specifically developed for executives.

Executives tend to have hectic schedules and face considerable pressure on their time. As a result, shortcuts are often taken and executives often engage in risky behavior such as sending information over unsecured wireless networks, using personal email accounts to send sensitive business data, disposing of sensitive documents in regular trash and leaving sensitive information on office printers.

Rushing to get more done in less time means less thought is often put into simple tasks such as emailing. As a result executives are prone to falling for phishing and social engineering scams.

Streamlined training courses have been developed to raise awareness of the unique risks faced by C-suite executives. Since executives have little time available, MediaPro has developed its training program to be mobile friendly. Training sessions can be completed on the go from any location. The training programs are interactive and include videos that provide valuable information in bite-sized chunks. The program covers key threats such as phishing, spear phishing, remote computing, social engineering, social media usage, and global privacy obligations.

MediaPro says, “By making executive training mobile-friendly—with video-based components—we’ve made it easy for busy executives to practice a dedication to security and privacy excellence that others will follow.”

Tom Pendergast, Chief Strategist for security, privacy and compliance ant MediaPro said, “It’s often said that cybersecurity starts at the top. By taking the initiative to engage in training designed for them, leaders can foster an overall culture of awareness while equipping themselves against cyberthreats.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of