KnowBe4 Announces New Partnership With Security Training Firm AwareGo

KnowBe4, a leading provider of security awareness training for enterprises, has announced a new partnership that has seen it expand its portfolio of training videos to help organizations improve the security awareness of their employees.

KnowBe4 already has an extensive library of security awareness training material, which can be used by customers to develop training programs to help reduce the risk from phishing attacks. The company has also developed a phishing simulation platform that allows organizations to test their phishing defenses and the effectiveness of their training programs.

Security awareness training can greatly improve organizations’ resilience to phishing attacks, although cybercriminals are constantly developing new tactics to fool employees into revealing their credentials and installing malware. Training material must therefore be constantly updated in response to the latest threats. A new partnership between KnowBe4 and AwareGo will help in this regard.

AwareGo is a developer of short training videos that provide security awareness training in bite-sized chunks. The firm was formed by Ragnar Sigurdsson, an Icelandic entrepreneur with a background in academic teaching and penetration testing. The firm specializes in delivering easily digestible training content aimed at small to medium sized businesses.

“Our content appeals to those with shorter attention spans or very limited time requirements and reinforces key security messages for organizations of any size,” said Sigurdsson.

The library of video training content includes social engineering, CEO fraud, Wi-Fi security, shoulder surfing, password handling, phishing and much more. Those videos have now been incorporated into the KnowBe4 library. 24 training videos have now been made available to KnowBe4 customers with the diamond-level package.

“AwareGO’s short and “to the point” videos are already being used in some of the most forward-thinking and diverse security awareness programs globally,” said Perry Carpenter, chief evangelist & strategy officer at KnowBe4. “Our partnership with AwareGO is a great example of our commitment to deliver customers with a wide variety of content formats, styles, and lengths.”

Author: Richard Anderson

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