IronScales Adds Automated Server-Side Remediation to its Anti-Phishing Solution

IronScales has improved its IronTraps™ phishing mitigation technology allowing security teams to automatically mitigate phishing attacks. Previously, the IronTraps™ solution required manual mitigation of threats. Now, security teams can choose to have confirmed phishing emails automatically removed from email servers and endpoints.

Phishing campaigns are often conducted randomly, with the campaigns involving millions of messages. An organization can see hundreds of messages hit employees’ inboxes. All it takes is for one employee to respond to one of those emails for login credentials to be obtained or malware to be installed.  Even spear phishing attacks, conducted on a handful of employees, can see multiple messages delivered.

Rather than manually deal with each phishing email, organizations can let IronTraps™ take on the burden of removing all phishing emails from inboxes. The solution will not only ensure phishing emails are mitigated in the quickest possible time frame, the new feature will also save security teams valuable time.

The new feature is available for the on-premise and cloud-based versions of IronTraps™. The solution does not require users to be logged on, as messages will be automatically removed from all accounts simultaneously. To activate the automated response, an employee must report a suspicious email via the one-click button in their Outlook toolbar.

That action will trigger IronTraps™ to perform a deep analysis of the potential threat. If the email is confirmed as malicious, the intrusion signature will be sent to all mail servers and endpoints and the SIEM. The solution will quarantine all versions of the messages and will disable links and attachments, or permanently remove the message, depending on the settings applied by security teams.

Since the solution employees machine learning, any further messages that are delivered with the same signature will be automatically removed, without any further input from employees. Organizations will be permanently protected from the threat. The signature will also be communicated to other organizations signed up to the IronScales Federation™ intelligence sharing service.

“IronTraps provides a second-level of email security for vigilant employees, using machine learning to automatically detect and remediate suspicious emails within minutes. Our new server-side remediation feature further reduces risk by making sure dangerous emails are intercepted and removed before ever hitting the endpoint,” said IronScales founder and CEO, Eyal Benishti.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of