Insights for Amazon Web Services Launched by GorillaStack

GorillaStack is a powerful tool that gives businesses visibility into their cloud usage to help prevent “cloud bill shock”.

It is common for businesses to see considerable cost overruns on cloud expenditure if cloud instances are not properly managed. While it can be difficult to accurately predict monthly requirements, much of the increase in cloud bills is due to inefficient use of the cloud and considerable cloud waste. If cloud resources are properly managed and provisioned correctly, businesses can avoid cost overruns and make considerable savings on their monthly bills.

GorillaStack has now made the cloud management process much easier with the release of a new analytics tool. The new tool can be used to identify inefficiencies in cloud deployments allowing businesses to make improvements and slash their cloud costs.

Without the new tool, the identification of over-provisioned AWS instances is a costly and lengthy process. Businesses can spend weeks investigating cloud usage to identify potential improvements that can be made. The new analytics tool can complete the process in a matter of minutes.

Manual investigations also only provide a snapshot of current usage and costs. They do not provide the insights necessary to make long term improvements and ensure cloud environments remain efficient.

The new analytics tool provides insights into load and elasticity of cloud environments from an analysis of system activity, CPU utilization, and hourly charges. Since the analysis can be performed in a matter of minutes, it is possible to regularly analyze cloud environments and ensure cloud instances are continuously optimized to give the best return on investment.

Oliver Berger, Co-founder of GorillaStack said, “There is a propensity in the market for businesses to be over-provisioned in their cloud deployment. Insights is designed to ensure companies only pay for the resources they need.”

GorillaStack notes that in contrast to many cloud optimization tools, GorillaStack offers instant savings without long term contracts or upfront investment. The platform has been developed to suit businesses of all sizes, including small firms with immature cloud environments to the largest firms that are the most prone to over-provisioning their cloud resources.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of