Innova Solutions Launches CloudHealth Technologies-Powered Cloud Optimization Program

The managed service provider Innova Solutions has partnered with CloudHealth Technologies and is now offering customers a new managed service: Optimization and governance of cost and security for public cloud environments.

Businesses are now embracing the cloud and are increasingly choosing public cloud environments to deploy new services. Innovation may be accelerated by through public cloud adoption, but businesses often struggle to effectively manage their cloud.

Businesses may be sufficiently technically proficient to take advantage of the cloud, but they often lack the tools and skillsets to assess and effectively manage costs and ensure proper governance. The wastage can be considerable, yet without proper visibility into how cloud resources are utilized it is difficult for businesses optimize their cloud deployments and eliminate wastage, such as paying for cloud resources that are never fully utilized or paying excessive amounts for their cloud environments when lower cost options are available.

The new service from Innova Solutions tackles this problem, giving businesses valuable insights into cloud usage. Through continuous analysis of cloud deployments and cloud costs, Innova is able to identify cost saving opportunities through a combination of optimization of cloud resources and automation. Innova Solutions also monitors cloud environments for security issues and addresses security gaps when they are identified.

Through the new service, businesses are able to ensure optimal financial and security fitness for their cloud deployments and are kept fully informed through monthly executive reporting that clearly explains the optimizations that have been implemented and how they have benefited the business.

“CIOs and CFOs are generally unable to see the usage, cost, and security information, associated with all their cloud environments in a single comprehensive view. Without the ability to spot patterns and trends, it’s nearly impossible to determine where to apply focus,” said Brian Amirian, Cloud CTO at Innova Solutions. With the new serve, businesses can easily shave thousands off their cloud bills without any negative impact on performance.

“Customers are looking for partners to help them efficiently manage and scale their public cloud resources. Innova’s Cloud Optimization Program addresses these requirements by reducing and controlling costs while accelerating business transformation,” said Bob Kilbride, Senior Director of Global Channels at CloudHealth Technologies.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of