Infosec Institute Publishes New SecurityIQ Case Study

Cybercriminal are increasingly targeting employees and are taking advantage of poor security awareness to install malware or ransomware, while phishing emails are used to obtain login credentials to gain access to corporate systems. With the threat level greater than ever before, it is now essential for organizations to provide high quality training to employees and to develop a security culture.

The Infosec Institute’s SecurityIQ platform is a training platform that can be adopted by organizations to train their workforce to be more security aware. The platform features interactive training modules to engage users and train them to be able to identify security threats and respond appropriately.

Administrators benefit from easy management of training programs and a full suite of reports providing visibility into the progress of training. In addition to security awareness training, the platform incorporates a phishing simulator to allow organizations to test the effectiveness of their training programs. Many organizations have now signed up to use the SecurityIQ platform, including the Westcon Group. The Infosec Institute has now published a case study on the Westcon Group to demonstrate how the SecurityIQ platform can benefit organizations.

The Westcon Group is a leading distributor of security, collaboration, networking and data center solutions, operating in 70 countries around the world and generating an annual revenue in excess of $5 billion. The Westcon Group has thousands of employees and had an immediate need to train those employees to be more aware about security threats such as phishing and malware.

The Westcon Group needed to provide training to employees based in offices around the world, so a training platform was needed that could be accessed from any location. Training modules also needed to be available in multiple languages. The platform also needed to allow users to be segmented so training courses could be assigned by country, department and role.

Adam Kuta, EVP and CIO of Westcon-Comstor said, “I see a lot of value in using SecurityIQ Security Awareness product. In addition to providing a benefit to Westcon Group, I believe the training will benefit the employees outside of work by altering their habits in their personal environment.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of