Infosec Institute Makes’s Top 20 List for 6 Years in a Row

The Elmwood Park, IL-based Infosec Institute is an accelerated IT training school founded in 1998. The company has trained more than 45,000 individuals through 99 training courses covering a broad range of IT disciplines, including information security.

The company has now received 42 industry awards and is consistently rated as one of the leading IT training firms, including consistently making the cut in’s Top 20 IT Training Company List. This year has seen the Infosec Institute included in the list once again, making it six years in a row that the company has been included in the Top 20 List.

In order to be included in the list, IT training companies must demonstrate leadership and innovation in the field of IT training and offer a broad range of IT training courses and delivery methods.

Companies are also assessed on growth and potential for growth, the strength of the company’s clients and its geographical reach. does not give ranks to each company in the list, instead being included in the list is testament to the quality and excellence of the company and training courses provided.

The Infosec Institute has recently added two training platforms to its portfolio, which given the rise in email-based cyberattacks in recent years, are arguably two of the most important offerings by the firm.

Via its SecurityIQ platform, the Infosec Institute now offers anti-phishing training and security awareness training. Anti-phishing training is provided via PhishSim, a proprietary anti-phishing training platform that allows organizations to run simulated phishing attacks on employees. The platform includes hundreds of phishing email templates which let organizations conduct highly varied phishing attack campaigns to assess resilience to real phishing attacks.

By assessing employees’ phishing email identification skills, organizations can determine whether further training is required and training modules can be set for individuals who need to hone their skills. Security awareness training is provided via the AwareEd platform, which consists of a wide range of courses covering key security threats. Modules can be selected based on the needs of the organization, allowing them to develop customized training programs for the entire company, specific user groups or individuals.

The Infosec Institute was recently recognized by IDC as a major player in its security training vendor assessment for the quality of these training platforms.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of