HPE Announces Acquisition of Cloud Cruiser

HPE has announced a deal has been struck to purchase the cloud consumption analytics SaaS firm Cloud Cruiser. While a definitive agreement has been reached to purchase the Californian company, the terms of the deal and the cost have not been made public.

Cloud Cruiser was formed in 2010 and has developed a platform that allows enterprises to analyze their cloud consumption and make changes to improve efficiency and utilization of public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. The platform allows customers to manage and optimize their cloud usage and eliminate wasted spending.

HPE is already Cloud Cruiser’s biggest customer and has seen the benefits of the platform first hand. HPE has incorporated the Cloud Cruiser platform into its Flexible Capacity business, which allows its customer to manage their IT infrastructure in their own data centers under a pay as you go model. The acquisition of Cloud Cruiser will help HPE to further differentiate and strengthen its Flexible Capacity service.

With enterprises under pressure to deliver new apps, processes, and services quickly, many have turned to the cloud rather than waiting months for the appropriate internal IT infrastructure to be developed. By using the cloud, IT can be provisioned in minutes. However, there is considerable potential for overprovisioning, which means companies often pay for resources that are not required or fully utilized. Cloud Cruiser helps to eliminate this wasted spending, allowing enterprises to only pay for the resources that are being used.

The inclusion of Cloud Cruiser into HPE’s Flexible Capacity offering allows it to meter and bill for its customers IT consumption while its customers can monitor and optimize their cloud usage and spend.

“By continuing to enhance the Cloud Cruiser platform and SaaS app Cloud Cruiser 16™, more tightly integrating it into HPE Flexible Capacity and leveraging the deep domain expertise of the Cloud Cruiser team, we are excited about the opportunity to accelerate the adoption of innovative consumption-based IT offerings and simplify hybrid IT for our customers,” said Scott Weller, SVP of Technology Services Support for HPE in a recent blog post announcing the acquisition.

Cloud Cruiser co-founder and CEO David Zabrowski will be staying on and will be reporting directly to Weller and Cloud Cruiser will become part of HPE’s Data Center Care portfolio within its Technology Services Support organization.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news