HIPAA-Compliant Alternative to Pagers Launched by TigerText

Many healthcare organizations are still heavily reliant on the pager, and while there is a HIPAA-compliant alternative to pagers on the market, many health systems have not yet made the transition.

TigerText’s secure messaging platform is an ideal HIPAA-compliant alternative to pagers, allowing messages to be sent by all healthcare professionals on desktop computers, laptops, Smartphones, tablets, and even Apple Watches. However, the transition to Smartphone-based secure communications has proved to be too big a jump for many healthcare organizations. To make the transition easier and to cause less disruption to workflows, TigerText has developed a new HIPAA-compliant alternative to pagers. TigerPage.

A New HIPAA-Compliant Alternative to Pagers Launched by TigerText

Pagers may be about 15 years past their prime, but over 2 million of the devices are still used by healthcare organizations in the United States. They may no longer be an efficient and much-loved method of communication, but they work. Physicians and other healthcare professionals are aware of the faults but have learned to live with them, even though they are a drain on productivity, do not comply with HIPAA Rules, and end up costing healthcare organizations billions of dollars each year.

TigerPage has been introduced to be a stepping stone between the pager and the Smartphone. Healthcare workers can use TigerPage to receive and respond to pages, but do so using their Smartphones. This means only one device needs to be carried, but pages can still be received and responded to.

With TigerPage, a new pager number is issued to all healthcare workers and that number is used to receive pages. Those pages can be accessed via the TigerText inbox on a user’s Smartphone. The new pager number protects privacy, as a physician’s personal number will never need to be disclosed.

Pages can be received and responded to via the TigerText app, voice messages can be left and so can callback numbers. The app will automatically transcribe voice messages to text so there is no need to dial in to listen to a message. Direct dial numbers also allow one-click callback, and pages can be accessed far faster on a Smartphone.  Since delivery and read receipts are also received via the app, there is also no need to chase recipients to find out if pages have been received and read. All pages sent via TigerPage are also 100% secure.

TigerFax – Receive and Send Faxes Directly From a Smartphone

TigerText has also announced the launch of TigerFax, a new solution that allows healthcare fax messages to be sent and received via a Smartphone app. Faxes can be received and forwarded to individuals or groups, without the need to ever visit a fax machine. All documents are encrypted for maximum security, trees are saved as no paper is required, and delivery receipts are received via the app so there is no need to ever wait by a fax machine.

With TigerPage and TigerFax, healthcare communications can finally be brought into the 21st century. The speed of communication can be improved, productivity increased, and that will ultimately benefit patients. Any healthcare provider loathed to retire pagers and make the jump to Smartphones entirely now has a HIPAA-compliant alternative to pagers that can be implemented smoothly without negatively impacting workflows.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news