Groupware Technology Partners with CloudHealth Technologies to Provide Managed Cloud Optimization Services

One of the most common problems faced by organizations as they transition to the cloud is managing cloud costs. All too often, at the end of the month after the first cloud deployment, a massive and confusing bill is received.

While budgets are carefully calculated, sticking to those budgets is difficult. Most organizations have little insight into how costs are mounting throughout the month.

In order to determine where things have gone so wrong, cloud bills need to be deciphered, which is a major challenge in itself. The combination of large budget overruns and confusing billss prevents many organizations from accelerating adoption of the cloud. Instead they slow down adoption until they understand their bills and how they relate to different business units.

Organizations that accelerate cloud adoption have greater flexibility to innovate. When organizations slow down cloud adoption it allows competitors to gain a competitive advantage.

Naturally, when organizations first start deploying in the cloud they cannot expect to get things right straightaway. Teething problems and cost overruns are to be expected, but the extent of those cost overruns can be alarming.

Research conducted by Gartner shows organizations that fail to use cloud management and cost optimization solutions typically end up spending 70% more than they need to on their cloud deployments, or in some cases, considerably more.

To help organizations get the best return on their investment in the cloud and manage their cloud deployments effectively, Groupware Technology, a leading IT solutions provider, has partnered with CloudHealth Technologies. The firm is now offering managed services focused on helping organizations optimize their cloud deployments.

Groupware Technology offers CloudHealth Technologies’ cloud management platform, which provides invaluable insights into cloud deployments and detailed analyses of cloud usage.

“Our partnership with CloudHealth Technologies allows us, as trusted advisors, to provide our customers with intelligent insights and guidance around cost management and optimization,” said Daryl Harrington, Groupware’s Practice Manager for Cloud Solutions. “Customers need a solution they can trust that offers greater visibility into their usage while increasing business efficiency through policy and automation… Our cloud optimization managed services can help drive business growth without compromising security, compliance and governance.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of