GorillaStack Enjoys an Impressive Year and Maintains Momentum in 2016

GorillaStack, a Sydney-based startup that provides AWS automation and cloud cost optimization tools, has had an impressive first year, having already made several key enhancements to its AWS resource management and cost optimization tools. The company’s platform is already one of the most powerful AWS management tools on the market, and the company has been gathering considerable praise from customers, industry experts, and AWS over the past 12 months.

At re:Invent 2015 in Las Vegas, AWS recognized GorillaStack as a key tool for AWS cost optimization at scale, while its customers are pleased with having saved more than 20% on their monthly cloud costs since implementing its tools. Those tools have also been praised by DevOps teams, whose lives have been made much easier. GorillaStack’s Power Cycle, Power Scale and AWS Alerts are giving them easy control of their environments, which means they can now focus on other tasks.

GorillaStack has enjoyed impressive growth in 2015 and has significantly expanded its team to continue that growth in 2016 and further enhance its AWS automation tools, The company expects the momentum from 2015 to continue throughout 2016.

2015 has seen the release of AWS Auto Tag code into the Open Source community, which has proven popular across the AWS ecosystem, while the company’s app has been enhanced with better and more flexible control over auto scaling groups, broader support for multi tag values, and deeper third-party integrations.

GorillaStack has summed up 2015 in one word: Momentum.

 What Does 2016 Have in Store?

GorillaStack plans to continue the momentum from 2015 into 2016, with the next major release being the new GorillaStack Analytics tool, which is planned for release in early 2016 in beta form. The beta version will have limited availability at first, with the Gold Master released later in the year once feedback has been received from the beta users and the Analytics tool has been tweaked based on comments and feedback.

2016 will also see the GorillaStack platform updated to further improve usability, with many new features due to be added over the next 12 months. GorillaStack reports that many UX /UI enhancements have already been developed and are ready for release. They are due to be added to the platform over the next few weeks and months.

GorillaStack will also be publishing more guidelines, tips, and advice throughout the year to ensure its users get the most out of its tools and make even more savings on their cloud costs.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news