GFI Software Releases New Subscription Option

Companies need to implement layered defenses to protect against cyberattacks, must implement and manage their BYOD policies, use solutions to help them with GDPR and HIPAA compliance, ensure patches are applied promptly and internal threats are blocked.

Managing all of these areas naturally requires a multitude of different products, each with their own subscriptions. Managing those subscriptions can be time consuming and paying for each product separately can be costly especially considering SMBs use an average of 14.3 different applications to manage all of these processes.

While GFI Software cannot provide solutions to solve every problem, the firm has made a recent change that makes it easier – and cheaper –for businesses to gain access to the software they need.

Rather than charge separately for each product, GFI Software has introduced a new subscription service that bundles all of its network security, compliance, and communications solutions together in one convenient subscription package.

This option works out much cheaper for companies and will likely give them access to software solutions that they are not currently using or cannot afford. As an additional benefit, the solutions have been developed to be perfectly compatible with each other, so companies will not have the compatibility problems that are often experienced when software solutions are obtained from different companies.

GFI Unlimited is available to all new and existing customers at no extra cost and will give them access to the following GFI Software and Kerio solutions:

  • GFI OneGuard – IT network management solution with enterprise-class antivirus
  • GFI WebMonitor – Web filtering solution to block malware and control the content employees can access
  • GFI FaxMaker – Automated, secure faxing service
  • GFI LanGuard – Network security scanner
  • GFI MailEssentails – Spam filtering solution
  • GFI EventsManager – Event log data management solution
  • GFI EndPointSecurity – Security solution to block threats from portable devices
  • GFI Archiver – Email archiving solution
  • GFI OneConnect – Advanced spam and malware protection for Exchange, including email continuity and archiving solutions
  • KerioConnect – Enterprise-class email solution
  • KerioOperator – Enterprise-class phone system
  • KerioControl – Unified threat management solution

Existing customers can continue under their current subscription, although with additional software available for no extra cost, most customers are expected to make the switch.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of