GFI Software Nets Network Product Guide Silver Award for GFI Unlimited

GFI Software has been recognized by Network Products Guide as one of the Hot Companies of the Year in the 14th Annual IT World Awards, following impressive sales growth for GFI Unlimited, a suite of solutions that provide network, communications and security for small and medium sized businesses.

The IT World Awards program recognizes solutions, companies, and individuals across all sectors of the information technology industry. The awards are decided by an international panel of judges whose scores are combined to determine the winners in each category.

GFI Software received a Silver Award in the Hot Companies of the Year category and GFI Unlimited was also recognized as a New Product of the Year, for companies with up to 2,500 employees.

In the first year since the launch of GFI Unlimited, GFI Software signed up 4,500 customers to the subscription-based software package. Many of the solutions provided in the package were previously sold separately. The combination of all solutions in a single package has proven popular with many SMBs, as the alternative is to purchase solutions from a range of different vendors and having the headache of trying to integrate all of those solutions.

The package is provided as a single price per user and combines a wide range of capabilities required by SMBs including email, anti-spam, firewalls, calendaring, file archiving, patch management, online faxing and other important SMB solutions. The solution has proven popular with SMBs due to its simplicity, ease of implementation, the extensive capabilities that are rightsized for small- and medium-sized business use.

In total, GFI Software now has 200,000+ end users using some or all of the products included in the GFI Unlimited package. The solution is now sold by more than 1,600 channel partners worldwide.

In addition to the recognition for GFI Unlimited, GFI Software also collected a Gold Award for GFI Exinda Network Orchestrator.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of