FittedCloud Launches Amazon Relational Database Services Cost Optimization Solution

Acton, MA-based FittedCloud has announced it has launched an Amazon Relational Database Services cost optimization solution that allows customers to carefully control their RDS costs.

FittedCloud already offers its cost optimization solution for a range of AWS services, with the latest addition allowing customers to shave off even more from their cloud bills.  FittedCloud’s machine learning optimization solution allows customers to reduce their cloud costs by up to 50% by cutting out unnecessary spending on cloud instances that are not being used. The addition of the RDS optimization solution allows customers to control and optimize all of the major components of cloud-based applications including storage, compute and database resources.

This month, FittedCloud has also announced the launch of actionable advisories covering Lambda, ElasticSearch, Autoscaling, and ElasticCache to help businesses reduce their AWS infrastructure costs.

FittedCloud’s Dynamic Resource Optimization (DRO) technology helps customers optimize their RDS resources and automatically schedule resources to ensure they are available when needed and turned off when they are not required. Rather than just turning resources off outside of office hours, the solution constantly monitors customers’ RDS resource utilization history and matches RDS resources to customers’ application needs.

The intelligent platform identifies areas where further cost savings can be made either through its fully automated provisioning, or with actionable advisories that can be set with a single click of the mouse. The advisories alert IT managers to new cost optimization opportunities, which from this month also include underprovisioned Autoscale groups, overprovisioned EC2 Lambda functions and overprovisioned ElasticCache and Elastic Search clusters.

The solution monitors ElasticCache and ElasticSearch cluster utilization, uses usage patterns to identify overprovisioned Lambda functions, and analyses historical CPU utilization to identify over provisioned autoscaling groups.

FittedCloud provides all of its cost optimization solutions in two modes: Enterprise or SaaS/Hosted, with a simple pricing structure and the opportunity to try the solutions before purchase on a free trail.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of