FittedCloud Enhances its EC2 and EBS Optimization Solutions

FittedCloud has announced its cloud cost optimization solution for AWS has benefitted from an upgrade with new machine-learning algorithms added to the solution, enhanced reports, and advanced actionable advisories now included.

The latest release of the platform is intended to help customers gain more in-depth insights into cloud usage. The solution now has even greater flexibility to allow fine control of cloud resources and full optimization of AWS resources, resulting in even greater savings on cloud bills.

Key enhancements in the latest release include:

Improvements to the Amazon EC2 optimization solution: Since there are now 13 different categories of Amazon EC2 instances and 57 possible combinations of storage, memory, and network capacity, the platform is extremely flexible, although large environments can therefore be highly complex. Consequently, there is considerable scope for errors to be made when users manually choose resources. The improved Amazon EC2 optimization solution performs analyses of application usage and provides recommendations on the optimal types of instances to deploy and the size necessary for application workloads. Advisories are generated with recommendations that can be accepted and applied with a single click.

The Amazon EBS optimization solution now supports the new AWS Elastic volume feature and thin provisioned persistent storage for Docker containers via the REX-Ray libStorage framework.  Capacity and IOPS usage for applications is analysed using its new machine-learning algorithms, providing areas where IOPS can be further optimized. Amazon EBS IOPS optimization recommendations can now be manually scheduled and IOPS provisioning managed automatically.

The solution now includes a host of new reports that provide customers with information on areas where resource provisioning can be better managed, ensuring customers only pay for resources that are being used. The reports now include EC2 rightsizing, scheduling, instance switching, and reserved instances, EBS right-typing, capacity rightsizing, and EBS IOPS rightsizing, along with reports on unattached EBS volumes and DynamoDB rightsizing.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of