FittedCloud Joins AWS Partner Network and Makes Cloud Cost Optimization Solution Available on AWS Marketplace

Acton, MA-based FittedCloud, one of the leading providers of cloud optimization and management solutions, has announced it has now joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a technology vendor and has made its AWS machine learning-based optimization solutions available on the AWS Marketplace.

“This partnership will allow us to reach out to more AWS customers in order to serve their optimization needs. Being part of the AWS Marketplace ensures that AWS customers will have easier access to our cost saving solutions,” said FittedCloud Co-Founder, Prakash Manden.

FittedCloud’s solutions allow organizations to analyse their applications and determine the necessary amount of resources required. Via its software platform, those resources can be automatically provisioned to match usage, thus eliminating cloud waste.

The solutions allow fully automated control of cloud resources, reducing management time and eliminating the need for manual operations that are prone to errors in large, complex cloud environments.

The firm’s software-based optimization solutions are available on site or in SaaS hosted environments and now include:

Compute Optimization

Scheduling of EC2 instances and the rightsizing of compute resources to match requirements.

DynamoDB Optimization

Analysis of historical application usage patterns of DynamoDB tables to make predictions about future usage levels. The solution can be configured to autotune provisioning based on application load.

EBS Optimization

Monitoring of the EBS environment and automatically matching provisioning with utilization.

Actionable Advisories

Generation of actionable advisories detailing areas where further optimization is possible to reduce cloud spending. Optimization opportunities can be activated with a single click.

FittedCloud has announced that all of the above optimization solutions are now available via the AWS Marketplace or can be purchased directly through the FittedCloud website.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of