Exclaimer Mail Archiver Discontinued

Earlier this year, Exclaimer announced that the Exclaimer Mail Archiver has been discontinued, with the product reaching end-of-life on July 1, 2021. The Exclaimer Mail Archiver was one of a few products that were discontinued, as Exclaimer opted to concentrate on its core products.

When a product reaches end-of-life, it is often possible to continue using the solution, but this is inadvisable as support for the product is withdrawn. That means no assistance will be provided to support customers, the product will no longer be maintained, and security updates will no longer be provided.

It is therefore important to switch to an alternative solution ahead of the support cutoff date and this is especially important with an email archiving solution. Most companies have business-critical data stored in emails and nowhere else. If a vulnerability were to be exploited by a hacker, highly sensitive data could be compromised or be deleted. That could naturally have serious repercussions – both legally and financially.

While Exclaimer Mail Archiver is discontinued and has reached end-of-life, it is not quite the end of this email archiving solution.  Exclaimer says that up until September 30, 2021, it is possible to renew the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for up to one year and support will continue to be provided until September 30, 2022. If a current SMA expires after September 30, 2021, renewals will only last until the September 30, 2022 end-of-support date.

Now is therefore an ideal time for customers to look for an Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative and migrate their email archive to a different service provider ahead of the end-of-support date.

When a software product is discontinued new opportunities can arise. There are many other email archiving solutions on the market that could serve as a direct replacement for the Exclaimer Mail Archiver but there are deals to be had. One such deal has been offered by TitanHQ to Exclaimer Mail Archiver customers looking to switch provider.

TitanHQ’s has developed an award-winning email archiving solution – ArcTitan – that is an ideal Exclaimer Mail Archiver alternative. The ArcTitan cloud-based email archiving solution has been rated one of the top email archiving solutions on the market, and is a front runner for searchability, allowing users to make lightning-fast searches of email archives whenever an email needs to be recovered.

ArcTitan also includes unlimited storage for emails. Provided customers pay their license fee, there are no limits or caps on email storage. The solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and changing from Exclaimer Mail Archiver to ArcTitan is a quick and simple process, with the customer support team more than happy to provide assistance.

In contrast to many other email archiving solution providers, many of which charge considerably more for their email archiving services, TitanHQ offers impressive service level agreements and includes disaster recovery in the price, automatically replicates data and backs up the archive to ensure emails are always available. The company is also well known for providing industry-leading customer support.

Further, as an added incentive for making the switch from Exclaimer Mail Archiver to ArcTitan, TitanHQ is offering a discount of 10% to all Exclaimer Mail Archiver customers who move to ArcTitan before October 31st, 2021.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news