Email Security for MSPs

MSPs are being targeted by cybercriminals and phishing is one of the most common methods of attack. The number of recent attacks indicates email security for MSPs needs to be improved.

Phishing emails are used to obtain credentials that give attackers access to MSP networks. Once network access has been gained, attackers can use the MSP’s remote admin tools to conduct attacks on their clients. One attack on an MSP can see hundreds of businesses affected. Many hacking groups are attacking MSPs and deploying ransomware on the MSP network as well as their clients’ systems. The cyber insurance provider Beazley noted in a Q3, 2019 report that ransomware attacks have increased by 37% since Q1, 2018. The data show 25% of those attacks were on managed service providers.

Improving Email Security for MSPs

Many companies offer advanced email security for MSPs to help protect against the increasing number of email threats. These advanced cybersecurity solutions are well worth the extra spend. The damage that can be caused by a ransomware attack is considerable. One MSP serving nursing homes in the United States was attacked with ransomware and its clients were prevented from accessing critical patient information. The MSP was facing having to permanently close its business as a result.

Ransomware and malware can be deployed via a number of different attack vectors, but email is one of the most common. By implementing an advanced email security system, you will be able to block email-based attacks and avoid the cost and reputational damage the attacks can cause.

The cost of mitigating cyberattacks is increasing and ransom demands are now astronomical. Advanced email security to keep clients’ networks well protected should therefore be an easy sell.

An advanced email security solution for MSPs will also save countless man-hours mitigating phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks on clients. Rather than spending time dealing with those attacks, that time can be put to much better use. Such as on activities that generate profit.

Advanced email security is a great way for MSPs to boost profits, but it is important to choose the right email security solution. Many email security solutions for MSPs are complicated to implement, have a high management overhead, and can be difficult to use. Fortunately, there are channel-friendly solutions available with features to make MSP’s lives easier. Some features of email security for MSPs in channel-friendly solutions include:

  • Ability to use the solution on an unlimited number of domains
  • Ability to add administrators to each domain to allow clients to manage their spam filter settings
  • Ability to integrate the spam filter into your own management system through APIs
  • Flexible policy allowing number of seats to be easily changed
  • Per domain and automated reports
  • Easy migration from the current email security solution, such as moving domains as a single file
  • White label options for reinforcing your brand
  • Automatic updates by the service provider