Email Archive

Used for making duplicates of all emails and long-time storages, an email archive is typically located in the cloud and allows for secure storage to enshrine data integrity and keeping everything accessible at all times.

There are many benefits to this solution including easy access, less management and easy implementation. Moving the email archive to a central location speeds up the email searches as individual access can be permitted, without allowing people the power to delete anything from this archive. Due to this IT department staff will have more time that they would have spent on management of the archive to focus on other projects.

Using a cloud email archive is recommended over other types of solution due to the infinite scalability advantage that it has over hardware, software solutions and other hybrid products. These other solutions have limits which, when they are reached, will mean organizations have to invest in additional space or remove data from their solution. Cloud archives are the best compliant solution available.

What is the Difference Between Email Archives and an Email Backup?

The main differences are as follows:

  • An email backup is utilized for short-term storage of email, archives are put in place for longer periods of time.
  • Backups are implemented in order to restore complete mailboxes following data corruption, archives are used for finds a single email or groups of emails

There are important differences between cloud email solution that are important to recognize. Some solutions collate email data at regular intervals as opposed to as they are available. This can lead to regulatory compliance issues as individuals would be able to remove certain emails before they have been archived. Should they be required in an official investigation down the line there there could be serious issues.

The process that occurs during email archiving can hinder the effectiveness of cloud based email archiving solutions. For example, email archives in the cloud must delete duplicated data prior to archiving taking place. This improves the amount of capacity available and avoids any implications for Internet speed or search results being greater than the upper limit allowed.

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

The danger posed by ransomware has increased greatly, often including the encryption of email databases. Should this occur all data can be stolen and not handed back until a ransom is transferred to the hackers. Email archives in the cloud that feature live archiving mitigate the danger represented by ransomware attacks.