DNS Filtering for MSPs and ISPs

DNS filtering for MSPs and ISPs does not need to be complicated and labor intensive. It is possible to improve protection from online threats, control the content that can be accessed by end users, and to make a decent profit from internet content control.

Being able to provide safe and secure internet access and block illegal content can be a major selling point and one that can significantly increase revenues. However, you need choose a solution provider that has developed their service to meet the needs of your business to maximize the potential for profit.

Advantages of DNS Filtering

DNS filtering offers many advantages over more traditional web filtering solutions. DNS filtering takes place at the DNS lookup stage of internet access when a domain name is converted to an IP address. At this point in the process, no content is downloaded, which means risk is reduced and there is no latency. Since DNS filtering takes place in the cloud, this form of web filtering requires no software downloads, no additional hardware, and there are no operating system requirements. Importantly for MSPs, that means no site visits are required. A DNS filter can be set up, configured, and managed from your office (or anywhere else) via a web-based interface.

Providers of DNS Filtering for MSPs and ISPs

DNS filtering for MSPs and ISPs requires a host of features often not present in SMB-focused solutions. To avoid headaches, you should look for a provider of DNS filtering that is tailored to the needs of the MSP and ISP.

For MSPs and ISPs, being able to host a DNS filtering solution within your own environment is important but not all providers will let you host their solution within your own infrastructure or in a private cloud. As a service provider, your reputation means everything, so why not take the credit for providing a safe and secure internet service? Choose a DNS filtering solution that can be supplied in white label form and you can add your own logos and color schemes to reinforce your brand.

Management can be a pain with some DNS filtering solutions. To make life easier, look for a DNS filtering solution that can be incorporated into your backend systems, including provisioning, billing, and reporting. These API-driven solutions will ease the management burden.

Price can vary considerably between providers of DNS filtering for MSPs and ISPs. Some providers are flexible and offer discounts and importantly, no penalties should the number of seats change.

Be sure to choose a solution that provides strong technical support. If something goes wrong, or you need help, you should be able to get the answers you need quickly. Be aware that several providers do not include support in the price.

Choose your provider and solution carefully and adding DNS filtering to your service stack can help you significantly improve profits, give your clients much better value, and help you to win more business.