DivvyCloud Launches BotFactory.io to Help AWS Customers Close Cloud Security Gaps

DivvyCloud simplifies cloud management by providing a range of tools that automate cloud infrastructure, help businesses identify and address security issues in real time, and ensure compliance with industry regulations such as SOC 2, CIS, PCI DSS, and HIPAA. The platform also helps businesses analyze cloud costs and optimize spending.

The platform provides visibility into multi-cloud environments and offers policy automation across multiple accounts and providers. The platform scans cloud environments for issues and automatically applies user-defined policies, regardless of how resources are provisioned.

Small to medium sized businesses looking to improve the security of their cloud environments and shave money off their cloud bills have now been offered a new solution from DivvyCloud.

DivvyCloud has launched BotFactory.io for Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows AWS users to automatically scan their cloud infrastructure for security and compliance issues and remediate problems quickly and simply. Users are provided with real-time visibility into their cloud environments giving them a quick view of the health of their cloud infrastructure and leverage an army of Bots to apply best practices and user-defined polices to remediate problems in real time.

Some of the most common problems identified and resolved using BotFactory.io includes automating the switching off of DevOps instances outside of office hours to ensure businesses do not pay for resources when they are not required. Simply switching of these resources can result in savings of more than 50% on cloud bills.

The bots can scan, detect, and remove non-compliant security rules to improve network security, limit instances to approved cloud regions, enforce encryption of databases, and eliminate orphan resources to reduce the attack surface and shave even more costs from cloud bills.

DivvyCloud, in combination with its active user community, is constantly working on new actions, filters, and integrations to ensure new cloud security risks are addressed, increasingly complex cloud challenges are solved, and to provide even further opportunities for cost saving.

“BotFactory has been delivering great value to our enterprise customers like General Electric and Discovery Communications,” said DivvyCloud CEO Brian Johnson. “We are excited to enable broader adoption with our hosted BotFactory.io solution.  Any customer of public cloud platforms can get value from BotFactory.io within a matter of minutes, no matter their skill level or cloud size.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news