DivvyCloud Included in SPROCKIT Class of 2017

The media and entertainment industry has embraced the use of cloud infrastructure and is leveraging the cloud to deliver a vast range of digital content to consumers. While the cloud offers a myriad of benefits, the cloud is not without its problems, and many companies in the industry have experienced many headaches managing their cloud deployments.

The cloud offers greater flexibility than on-premises IT, yet many businesses in the industry find it difficult to secure their cloud environments, ensure compliance of the cloud at scale, and struggle to provision cloud resources to meet their needs, resulting in considerable overspending.

The solution is to use a cloud management platform that provides full visibility into cloud deployments, automates cloud infrastructure, identifies security and compliance issues, and automatically applies best practices and user-defined policies across all cloud accounts and all providers.

DivvyCloud offers such a solution. The company has a solid track record for helping companies remediate compliance issues, ensure the security of cloud infrastructure, and reduce their cloud bills. The Arlington, VA-based firm works with some of the largest companies and organizations including General Electric and the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, helping them to effectively manage their cloud environments, identify and remediate compliance issues, and enjoy savings on their cloud bills.

Recently, some of the firm’s customers in the media and entertainment industry nominated DivvyCloud for inclusion in SPROCKIT’s exclusive media and entertainment technology alliance, which includes up to 30 of the leading and most innovative market-ready startups serving the media and entertainment industries.

To be included in the technology alliance, a company must have market validation and demonstrate it has the potential to a make a significant impact in the media and entertainment industry. Inclusion sees technology firms showcased at the NAB Show – The most important media and entertainment event – and through the SPROCKIT Sync community of decision makers in the media and entertainment industry.

“We’re honored that our largest media company customers nominated us to be a part of SPROCKIT,” said Brian Johnson, CEO at DivvyCloud.  “We look forward to helping accelerate cloud strategies for the hottest companies in media and entertainment.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news