DivvyCloud Adds Support for IBM SoftLayer

DivvyCloud has developed an agnostic cloud management platform that works with a wide range of cloud service providers including AWS, Azure, OpenStack, and VMware. The platform now includes support for more than 12 providers of public and private clouds, with the solution also now also supporting IBM SoftLayer – IBMs popular and rapidly growing IaaS offering.

While many cloud management solutions provide support for the main public and private cloud providers – AWS and Azure – increased competition in the marketplace has led to the development of more flexible cloud platforms that offer considerable benefits and cost savings. Businesses that want to take advantage of these new offerings often struggle to find cloud management and cost optimization solutions that provide a unified view across multiple providers and accounts.

The lack of visibility into hybrid cloud environments means businesses that take advantage of public and private clouds from multiple providers end up exposing themselves to risks as they often struggle to consistently apply best practices across their entire cloud footprint. Naturally, the lack of visibility and a unified view across all cloud providers also results in many wasted hours and considerable overspending on cloud resources.

DivvyCloud is a truly agnostic cloud management solution that allows businesses to take advantage of the most appropriate cloud strategies and choose public and private cloud providers that meet their needs, without having to commit considerable resources to management, security, cost optimization, and compliance. The DivvyCloud platform solves the problems created by fragmented cloud footprints, helps businesses find and remediate cloud problems, and shave considerable costs from their cloud bills, regardless of the complexity of their cloud environments, the number of different cloud providers and accounts used.

The platform allows businesses to apply best practices and operational policies across all accounts and platforms to secure their cloud environments and keep tight control of cloud spending.

With IBM SoftLayer growing in popularity and fast becoming a leading force in the IaaS market, the inclusion of support in the DivvyCloud platform is a natural step. “We want to be sure DivvyCloud customers can operationalize their entire cloud footprint using our software technology,” said DivvyCloud Chief Strategy Officer, Peter Scott.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news