Cloudyn Launches Two New Cloud Cost Management Services

Cloudyn, the leading provider of hybrid and multi-cloud cost management and optimization solutions, has announced it has launched a new cost optimization tool called CloudynDex and a Container Strategy for AWS.

As more businesses opt for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments there has been growing demand for tools that can provide visibility into cloud usage and provide cost saving opportunities by identifying and rectifying efficiency issues to eliminate unnecessary spending.

CloudynDex provides customers with insights into where their money is being spent and how cloud resources are performing. The platform analyses resource utilization and provides businesses with opportunities for cost savings to get the most bang for their buck in the cloud. The service also serves as an industry benchmark for cloud efficiency, analyzing huge volumes of data to allow its users to track industry trends and gain high-level insights into cloud usage.

In addition to helping enterprises save on their own cloud spending, the platform lets them compare their performance and usage against the industry as a whole and their (unnamed) competitors with similar infrastructures.

Cloudyn is now monitoring more than 15% of cloud spending worldwide and is used to monitor and manage more than 400,000 virtual machines. By analyzing colossal volumes of data, the firm has uncovered many cloud trends which are passed on to platform users.

Cloudyn has also announced it has launched a new container strategy for AWS ECS following calls from its users to have greater visibility into ECS cost performance and container utilization. The new service allows users to analyze and predict the cost of moving to a containerized deployment, provides continuous monitoring and analysis of deployments over time, predicts future costs, and assesses the efficiency of containerized deployments. The service generates actionable optimization recommendations and helps businesses right size to avoid under and over allocation.

“Our container strategy is in response to growing customer need, while CloudynDex answers customer questions about how well they are performing, relative to the industry and relative to themselves over time. Both offerings are advancing an emerging space that addresses the impact of cloud on the bottom line,” aid Sharon Wagner, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudyn.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of