CloudRanger Launches Managed Service Provider Partner Program

CloudRanger has announced it has launched a new managed service provider (MSP) partner program to make it easier for MSPs to offer server management and backup services to their clients. Through the partner program, MSPs can use the CloudRanger platform to automate backups, schedule cloud resources, and save their clients time and money.

CloudRanger has developed its platform to be quick and easy to use, giving users a complete view of their entire server system. Via an easy to use dashboard, users can set backup schedules, delete old backup copies automatically to save on storage costs, schedule EC2 instances to save money when they are not in use, all without the use of scripts. Through the platform, MSPs can manage multiple clients from a single dashboard that places all controls and information at their fingertips. Regardless of the complexity of clients’ server systems, management is made simple.

MSPs that offer disaster recovery and data restoration services can also benefit by using the CloudRanger platform. CloudRanger’s multi-region and file-level recovery functions make restoring files a quick and simple process, ensuring MSP clients can regain access to deleted and corrupted data quickly to ensure business continuity.

“We worked closely with several of our long-term MSP clients in developing our partner network, to ensure we provide a first-rate service to MSPs across industries, from small business to enterprise level,” said CloudRanger CEO, David Gildea.

The program is suited to MSPs of all sizes and has been developed to meet the needs of individual MSP partners. Larger MSPs that have signed up to use the platform are now making more than 20,000 backups a week, ensuring their clients are protected should disaster strike. The resource scheduling also help to save MSP clients thousands by ensuring the provisioning closely matches utilization. Since creating schedules is a quick and simple process,  management overhead is low, helping MSPs to increase their bottom lines.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of