CloudRanger Adds Automated Disaster Recovery Testing for AWS Cloud

CloudRanger has announced that automated disaster recovery testing for AWS cloud is now available through its platform. Backups are essential, but businesses need to make sure that those backups are viable.  When disaster strikes and data needs to be recovered, businesses must be able to rely on their backups. By testing backups, businesses can be confident that file recovery is possible in practice.

The new feature is accessible via the CloudRanger dashboard in the Disaster Recovery section. Users can create an AWS Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in a similar way to creating standard backups on the platform. But the backups are used for data recovery testing purposes. The function can be run on-demand or automated to run at a defined frequency.

With CloudRanger, disaster recovery testing is a simple four step process. A cross region backup policy for AMIs is created on CloudRanger for EC2 resources. The Disaster Recovery Plan is created for selected instances and a destination region and recovery point objective is set. Resources are then cloned and the destination network infrastructure is created. The DRP can then be run or set to run on an automated schedule.

This allows disaster recovery plans to be put to the test mirroring a real world disaster event. The problem for many organizations is disaster recovery plans are created, data backups are made, yet since no tests are run to ensure data recovery is possible, there is no way of telling whether recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives are valid. According to CloudRanger, more than half of disaster recovery plans are only tested once a year or never.

Without disaster recovery plan tests, businesses are at risk of major data loss. With CloudRanger data recovery testing, businesses can ensure that all backup and data protection policies work in practice and recovery will be possible from any disaster situation.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of