CloudHealth by VMware Now Available Through Azure Marketplace

The CloudHealth multi-cloud management platform has been added to the Microsoft Azure marketplace. The VMware platform allows cloud users to gain full visibility into their entire cloud footprint to help with operational governance, financial management, and cost control.

While organizations are transitioning to the cloud to improve flexibility, scalability, collaboration, and reduce IT costs, many are failing to see the full benefits of their investment. All too often a lack of visibility and governance results in resource usage that is far from optimal and businesses end up paying for cloud resources that are not being used and fail to fully take advantage of the discounts available. The CloudHealth platform solves these problems and provides organizations with full visibility into their multi-cloud and hybrid environments and allows them to take control of their cloud resources, identify areas where cost savings can be made, and significantly reduce cloud spending.

VMware has been striving to accelerate digital transformation in the cloud and the addition of the platform to the Azure Marketplace will make it much easier for businesses to purchase the solution and achieve the benefits.

“Having CloudHealth on the Azure Marketplace both strengthens and deepens our collaboration with Microsoft,” said Tom Axbey, GM, Cloud Management at Vmware. “Moreover, it enables us to deliver on the promise of helping customers innovate at cloud speed, which has always been core to our DNA and serves as the foundation for all new CloudHealth features and enhancements.”

Before solutions are added to the Azure Marketplace, they must be certified and optimized to run on Azure. That process has now been completed. As a result of the addition of the CloudHealth platform to the Azure Marketplace, VMware will be able to reach more customers and markets.

The CloudHealth platform can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small businesses that are just embarking on their cloud journey to the largest enterprises with the most complex cloud infrastructures. The platform improves governance and control and allows businesses to align their cloud investments with their business initiatives, improve cross-organizational collaboration, and optimize spending to reduce wastage and significantly cut cloud costs to ensure the maximum ROI.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of