CloudCheckr Update Adds Support for More Instance Types

CloudCheckr has announced an update to its cloud management platform has been made which enhances usability and makes improvements to make the management of Azure and AWS resources more straightforward.

Managed Service Providers who use CloudCheckr to monitor their clients’ cloud usage will no doubt be aware that when they on-board a new client, that client’s data will not appear on the Detailed Billing Report until the client incurs a charge.

The latest update includes and API call that ensures all accounts, even those that have not yet incurred a charge, will be included in DBR reports. Users of Azure benefit from a new API call that adds Azure Monthly Percentage Custom Billing Charge. This allows cloud service providers to customize margin opportunities programmatically.

Several updates have been made for Amazon Web Services users, including a new Fix Now option in Best Practice Check for SQS Queues with permissions set to everyone. Any misconfigurations can now be fixed by CloudCheckr automatically.

Support for two new AWS instance types have been added to the ClourCheckr platform – RDS Flexible Reserved DB instances and C5 instances. Users can also track instance usage more easily thanks to the inclusion of RIs to the EC2 and RDS List of Reserved Instances exports.

CloudCheckr had already included the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark into the platform, and now an additional CIS Benchmark has been added – Ensure IAM Policies that allow full admin privileges are not created (1.24), which ensures that superuser powers are not accidentally given to users who should not have that level of control of the platform.

Notable updates for Azure users include new options for creating custom views of data, such as the addition of a pie chart and line chart view of Azure VMs. A summary and detail reports for Subnets are now available through the Secure Configuration tab.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of