Cloudability Purchase of Cloud Manager Expands its Operations in Australasia

Cloudability has expanded its customer base in Australia and New Zealand with the acquisition of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner Cloud Manager.

Brisbane-based Cloud Manager will cease to exist as it is and will be incorporated into the Cloudability brand. Its San Francisco office will be merged with the Cloudability U.S. Sales Office and the firm’s Australian office will start operating under the Cloudability name in the next two months.  Cloud Manager founder and chief executive officer, Craig Deveson, will be staying on and will become Cloudability’s General Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Cloudability has developed a platform that allows businesses to manage their cloud spending across multiple providers and is one of the leading firms proving cloud cost optimization services for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other providers. The platform provides its users with visibility into cloud spending across providers, infrastructure, and departments. The platform analyzes cloud usage and makes recommendations to help businesses rightsize their resources and make considerable savings on their cloud spend.

Cloud Manager launched an integrated cloud services management solution in 2013 via the Amazon marketplace and has built up a sizeable customer base in Australasia and beyond. Its platform is used to manage, optimize and integrate AWS cloud resources, providing similar services to those offered by Cloudability.  Some of Cloud Manager’s current services may be introduced into the Cloudability platform in future product releases, while Cloudability’s own solutions will be enhanced using the expertise of staff at Cloud Manager.

“Joining forces with CloudMGR allows us to better serve both our existing customer base as well as the ever-growing number of companies adopting the cloud in Australia and New Zealand,” said Cloudabilty CEO, Mat Ellis.

Cloudability has been using its financial might to buy up small startups over the past two years. In 2015, the firm purchased the assets of Attribo, CloudVertical, and RipFrog and followed up with the acquisition of DataHero last year. The latest purchase is part of the firms drive to strengthen its position in regional markets.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of