Botmetric Releases Beta Version of Cloud Savings Tool with Amazon Alexa Integration

Cloud management has just got easier with Botmetric, following the release of a new beta version that integrates the firm’s cloud cost saving tool with Amazon Alexa. Botmetric is the first cloud management and optimization platform that is capable of processing voice commands to access cloud usage data and generate reports.

Botmetric announced the release of the new closed beta version of its platform at the recent AWS Re:invent conference. The firm invited attendees to sign up to use the new prototype, and after evaluating the experiences of those user, Botmetric will roll out the updated version of the platform to other customers.

The Botmetric Prototyping Cloud Savings Measurement Module delivers information about cloud usage and forecasts future spending to allow users to budget effectively and avoid overspending. The module details areas where costs savings can be made, allowing resources to be rightsized. Users are informed about cloud resources that are being paid for but not used and underutilized resources that could be used in a more cost effective way.

While accessing information about usage and costs is already straightforward on the Botmetric platform, the integration of Alexa voice commands makes it even easier to rapidly gain access to usage data and cloud spending patterns.

Alexa will list the organization’s top five cloud services and users can give voice commands to access cost summaries, projected costs, and details of past cloud spending. Rather than accessing the user interface and manually generating reports, users can simply say “Alexa, ask Botmetric for my ………….” and the information will be retrieved.

Botmetric suggests some of the most common voice commands that are likely to be used are asking for AWS and Alexa costs summaries, projected costs, the top five services used, yesterday’s spend, and last month’s spend.

“Botmetric has always been about simplifying cloud management,” says Vijay Rayapati, Chief Executive Officer for Botmetric. “Voice command integration with the leading intelligent personal assistant device, Amazon Alexa, makes this a reality for companies struggling with cost certainty for their cloud computing resources. It goes beyond typical reporting to voice interaction.”

Author: Richard Anderson

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