Botmetric Releases 2017 Public Cloud Usage Report

Botmetric has released its annual 2017 public cloud usage report. The report includes detailed statistics on cloud adoption and usage by businesses of all sizes, including SMBs, midmarket organizations, and large enterprises. Botmetric based its report on businesses that have already signed up to use its cloud management and optimization platform. Today, the Botmetric platform is being used to manage more than $1 billion of cloud spend.

While cloud adoption is increasing, many businesses are still just getting started on cloud computing. 47% of SMBs were rated as beginners, as were 37% of large enterprises and 19% of mid-sized companies. It is mid-sized enterprises that were most likely to be experts in the cloud. 62% of mid-sized enterprises were rated as experts, compared to 50% of large enterprises and just 21% of SMBs.

In terms of spending, SMBs had the highest revenue to cloud spend ratio of all businesses and were spending an average of $52,000 on the cloud. Mid-sized enterprises had the fastest rate of cloud growth and were spending an average of $150,000 a year on the cloud. Enterprises were spending an average of $200,000 on the cloud, which Botmetric predicts will increase to $500,000 in 2018. Overall, there was average growth in cloud spend of 76% in 2017.

The biggest area of cloud spending is for compute resources (40% of cloud spending at large enterprises, 41% at mid-sized firms, and 32% at SMBs). Next is databases (28% of cloud spending at large enterprises, 22% at mid-sized firms, and 32% at SMBs). In third place is storage, (20% for large enterprises, 22% for mid-sized firms, and 19% for SMBs) followed by network use (9% of spending at large and mid-sized enterprise and 7% for SMBs).

62% of businesses are using a single cloud, 25% use multiple public clouds, while 13% are using a combination of public and private clouds, with 83% of enterprises ‘bullish’ on hybrid cloud use.

The 2017 public cloud usage report shows mid-sized enterprises were typically optimizing their databases and enjoying considerable cost savings as a result, yet large enterprises and SMBs were struggling with optimization. 41% of large enterprises and 47% of SMBs said cost-optimization is their main cloud priority. Botmetric says that for most adopters of the cloud, optimization and management of the cloud is still a half-won battle and most firms are still spending far more on the cloud than is necessary.

With cloud environments becoming increasingly complex, manually managing cloud resources is a labor-intensive process that is prone to errors. The Botmetric platform takes the leg work out of the equation and allows organizations to easily optimize their cloud environments to ensure provisioning closely matches utilization.

Through Botmetric, 85% of companies were able to remove unused AWS resources and rightsizing Azure saw an average of 39% in savings made.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of