Batchly and Cloudability Announce New Strategic Partnership

Batchly and Cloudability, two providers of solutions that help businesses optimize and reduce their cloud spending have announced a new strategic partnership. The new partnership will make it even easier for AWS customers to implement cost saving measures and optimize their usage of compute resources.

Both companies share a similar vision – To help businesses take advantage of the benefits of the cloud at the lowest possible cost. The services of both companies complement each other perfectly, so collaboration was a no brainer.

Batchly offers a service for AWS customers that helps them secure on-demand AWS availability at spot pricing, and by doing so, saves up to 87% through balancing, rightsizing, and automating compute resource management of AWS On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot EC2 instances. By using the firm’s platform, businesses can take advantage of the lower prices of Spot instances and ensure uptime and availability for their applications.

Cloudability is a provider of a platform that helps businesses manage their cloud spending across departments, products, and infrastructure. The platform gives businesses visibility into their cloud usage and makes recommendations on areas where savings can be made.

The partnership will see Batchly customers benefit from the cost optimization tools developed by Cloudability, adding an extra layer of value, while Cloudability customers will be able to optimize their cloud spend while taking advantage of the cost and usage recommendations of the Batchly platform.

“Our partnership with enables our AWS customer base to easily realize further savings beyond what could be achieved previously,” said Mat Ellis, CEO of Cloudability.

“We are very excited to work with Cloudability in order to help AWS users to better leverage the outstanding computing resources that AWS provides,” says Paddy Raghavan, Co-Founder of “Cost does not need to be a barrier to IT, and our partnership with Cloudability is an outstanding win for AWS users to scale their AWS usage while maintaining a healthy budget.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of