Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Programs Offers New Method of Measuring Susceptibility to Phishing Attacks

Yesterday saw the launch of Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Programs – A new approach developed by Barracuda and PhishLine to determine and improve user resistance to phishing attacks.

Most anti-phishing training solutions use click rate metrics to determine resistance and susceptibility to phishing attacks. While this method of testing employees has proven effective, Barracuda Networks points out that there are limits to this approach. It is all too common for click rate fatigue to set in and current techniques used to measure resistance to phishing attacks focus on the negative – failed phishing simulations – rather than the positive – progress that has been made. Adopting a more positive approach encourages users to improve their phishing detection skills.

Through Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Programs, users’ progress over multiple metrics is communicated and their improvement is showcased, rather than focusing on areas where the end user has not performed so well. Users are incentivized to continue their training, with good behavior recognized and rewarded. Customized promotion rules can be set which provide more accuracy than simple click rate metrics and the programs have been developed to keep users engaged and focused on improving their security awareness.

The platform allows businesses to develop security awareness campaigns containing all of the essential elements necessary to develop a security culture and measure the steps each user has taken to improve their understanding of the threats they face on a daily basis.  At each stage of the training program, employees are tested on their new knowledge and are set training and simulation content that challenges them.

Administrators can track the progress each user has made and can monitor the effectiveness of the entire training and simulation campaign across the whole organization.

Barracuda Networks/PhishLine will be demonstrating their Levelized Programs at this month’s RSA Conference, which is taking place between 16-20 April at the Moscone Center North Hall in San Francisco, CA.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of