Apptio Integrates AWS Savings Plans More Fully into Cloudability Platform

Apptio has announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) Savings Plans have now been further incorporated into the Apptio Cloudability platform and recommendations will be made to customers when Savings Plans allow them to save money on their cloud resources.

AWS introduced Savings Plans as an alternative to Reserved Instances in Late 2019 and, like Reserved Instances, Savings Plans can provide savings of up to 72% compared to on demand prices. The Cloudability platform already has a suite of Savings Plan capabilities such including the surfacing, allocation, and amortization of Savings Plan-related costs and now users will benefit from further integration.

The Cloudability platform maps Savings Plan recommendations to the established account and view structure and allows recommendations to be filtered based on role, team, cost center and other dimensions. Permissions are included in the automatically generated CloudFormation templates. The platform includes an executive view to allow users to measure performance metrics including upfront fees, net savings, recommended purchases, and estimated savings to make it easy to determine whether the available discounts are being maximized and whether goals such as utilization levels are being achieved. The platform makes it easy to determine the performance of current and future Savings Plans purchases.

The platform’s recommendations reflect historical usage, custom pricing and preferences and take into account any usage-based commitments that have already been purchased to ensure users can maintain the required coverage rate, while preventing any unnecessary commitments. The platform also makes it easy to change Savings Plans options such as the type/payment model and term length for easy comparison to understand the forecasted impact of Savings Plan purchases on the organization.

The platform clearly presents data on each Savings Plan recommendation including the Savings Plan type, term, payment model, family, region, upfront cost, commitment, and the expected savings amount/percentage based on expected utilization to help customers get the most value out of this new AWS offering.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of