AppRiver Customers can Now Benefit from ZixEncrypt Email Encryption

AppRiver has announced the first cross-over since the company was acquired by Zix in February 2019. AppRiver customers can now access Zix’s email encryption offering, ZixEncrypt. The encryption solution has already been adopted by many Zix customers, including some of the largest financial institutions and healthcare providers in the United States. The email encryption solution was made available to AppRiver customers on April 25, 2019.

It has only been two months since the acquisition of AppRiver by Zix, but already Zix solutions are being integrated into the AppRiver platform and have been made available to AppRiver’s network of 4,500 resellers.

ZixEncrypt is an intelligent email encryption solution which scans the entire content of sender’s emails, including message headers, body text, and attachments. Specialized data loss prevention filters can identify financial data, healthcare information, and other sensitive content and emails are automatically encrypted, logged, and routed based on the organization’s email policies. If information is attempted to be sent via email that violates the organization’s policies, the emails are blocked.

The advanced content filtering and data loss prevention capabilities of the solution allow users to track and protect sensitive and confidential data and ensure they meet their compliance objectives and keep all sensitive data secure in transit.

Many of AppRiver’s customers had requested Zix solutions prior to the announcement that Zix would be acquiring AppRiver. “We’re very proud that our combined team was able to bring encryption into our suite so quickly – and we look forward to adding others in the months ahead,” said Chris Essex, AppRiver’s senior vice president of global sales.

The companies are now pressing ahead with their integration plans and further Zix solutions will be made available through the AppRiver platform in the near future.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of